The Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Lightening

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These days a lot of people are becoming a lot vainer. People wish to have a fairer complexion, bigger breasts, bigger butts, acne free face and a lot more. This is because our technology these days are a lot more advanced as compared to before.

These days, people can do whatever they wish to do with their bodies as long as they are willing to pay for the price.

Amongst the common things that people consider doing these days has to find the best skin lightening options.

To those who wish to have fairer and lighter skin tone, here are some of the dos and don’ts:

  • To those who are undergoing bleaching or whitening sessions, it is important to avoid staying under the sun. This is because when the skin undergoes such process, it becomes a lot more sensitive and might get irritated. It is important that people who undergo such process would wear sunscreen or better yet stay indoors to avoid any complications.
  • Another thing that people should avoid is having a skin peeling especially if they have acne. This is because when the skin peels there is a tendency that it might tear the skin and to those who are suffering from acne, their face are definitely prone to suffer from tearing that might cause more scars.
  • If people are undergoing skin lightening procedures, it is also important that they know about what they are doing or better yet have an expert help them. Getting the advice of a dermatologist would always help since these experts definitely know what they are doing. It is also a lot more helpful if people consult the experts before they consider any major changes with their skin.
  • It is also important for people to stay away from the sun even after the bleaching or the whitening process just to ensure that people would not have any issues about having uneven skin tone. People should bear in mind that having whiter skin is a bit expensive so they should try to make sure that they are also taking care of their skin.
  • People could also use whitening creams and lotions to make sure that they would maintain their new skin tone. There are tons of skin lightening products that people could choose to help them maintain their new skin tone. These are available everywhere so it is up to those who wish to have whiter skin tone to find which ones would work well.

These are some of dos and don’ts about skin lightening that people really need to take seriously if they wish to have lighter and much fairer skin tone.

Be sure to check out some other helpful tips about skin lightening to ensure that those people would like to have lighter or fairer skin tone would be able to achieve what they want and for them to maintain their desired skin tone the moment they would be able to achieve such goals.

Advices That You Can Give to a Friend Who Has Cellulite

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Because of your vast experience and wisdom, it has become a habit of your friends to get your two cents worth on the issues of life that they experience. After all, the advice that you give them is always sage.

However, what would you do if one of your friends starts consulting you about their beauty problems?

For instance, a friend of yours seeks your advice because she is sick and tired of being ridiculed by her family members and relatives because of her highly visible cellulite every time she wears her bathing suit in family vacations.

Much more that the beauty problem has a connection with her low self esteem, you should really try your best to give the most sensible advice, right? However, what advice would you give her since you are not a dermatologist?

Well, here are some of the things that you can tell her:

Cellulite Creams Can Be Made Less Visible

The first thing that you need to tell is that she doesn’t need to worry because there are many quick-fix solutions to cellulite now. However, it is important for her to understand that cellulite are nothing more than clumps of fat that are unevenly distributed beneath the skin.

To put it simply, cellulite are fat deposits. Nonetheless, a person doesn’t need to be fat in order for him or her to have cellulite because even a thin person can have cellulite, too.

Nonetheless, with the many anti-cellulite creams and lotions that are available in the market today, the problem can be dealt with. It is true that these creams and lotions don’t get rid of cellulite because what they do is actually make the skin firmer and more toned. Hence, the cellulite become less visible.

Proper Diet and Exercise Can Get Rid of Cellulite

Because cellulite are nothing more than fat deposits that are unevenly distributed beneath the skin, it goes without saying that proper diet and exercise can eradicate them. Hence, you should encourage your friend to avoid foods that can contribute to the formation of her cellulite.

Cellulite are most common in the thigh and pelvic region. Hence, she should do exercises that are meant to remove the fats deposited in these parts of the body. One of the most common exercises that can effectively deal with the fats in these parts of the body is leg raises.

With 3 sets of leg raises every day, with each set comprising of 12 counts, she can rest assured that, in no time, her cellulite will be gone. Leg raise is also an exercise that can help her flatten her belly.

Life Is Not All about Physical Appearance

Beauty contestants always say that beauty of the heart is the most important thing. Well, this is true, but it doesn’t mean that physical appearance is to be disregarded. It is a fact that beautiful people have the upper hand in society.

While physical beauty is important, it is not the most important thing in this world. So, even if her mean family members ridicule her for her unsightly cellulite, she must not allow their comments to affect her.

The most important thing is that she knows her worth as a person despite the cellulite that she has. After all, she can get rid of her cellulite.

Diet with Accutane

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Accutane is a kind of acne drug which is commonly consumed in gel capsules. Similar to other medications for acne, the use of Accutane also comes with a list of adverse effects which include digestive indications like nausea and vomiting.

While sensitivities to certain foods have not been listed on the side effects when taking the drug, the other digestive symptoms can potentially affect how the body processes and craves specific foods.

To get optimum results, consult your doctor prior to taking the medication or if you are having negative effects from the use of Accutane.


The active component of Accutane, called isotretinoin, is a kind of retinoid often used for the treatment of disfiguring and severe acne.

Aside from isotretinoin, Accutane also has other inactive ingredients like hydrogenated vegetable oil, soybean oil, butylated hydroxyanisole, beeswax, hydrogenated soybean oil flakes, and edentate sodium, notes

If you experience certain symptoms like red skin rashes or hives, a possible allergic reaction is occurring due to one of the ingredients which may be found in the drug.

Food Sensitivities

A few of the known side effects that can be triggered when taking Accutane are severe diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and an upset stomach, warns the Mayo Clinic.

Because the symptoms are the same with some food sensitivities, you may not be aware that what you are experiencing is a side effect of Accutane. Aside from those, Accutane can also bring about psychological and mental adverse effects like suicidal tendencies, psychosis, and depression.

These changes in behaviour often come with fluctuations in appetite or weight, and it can cause cravings or aversions to specific foods.


It is quite common for breakouts of acne to worsen after taking some foods. The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that foods which contain high amounts of glycemic load like processed foods, baked goods, and refined sugar can exacerbate the acne condition.

A few dairy products, additionally, can also aggravate the symptoms brought about by acne in some people. If you are experiencing acne breakouts after consumption of these foods, you should try alternatives with low glycemic content like vegetables and whole grains.

Safety Concerns

The use of Accutane may lead to several health conditions, which can range from psychiatric disorders to vision impairment.

While a few of these sensitivities and side effects are minimal to some individuals, others can experience life-threatening and severe conditions like birth defects, inflammatory bowel disease, toxic epidermal necrolysis, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and erythema multiforme, warns

Nursing women or those who are pregnant should not take Accutane.

Healthy Diet

A balanced and healthy diet should include lean meat, low fat dairy, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. In taking Accutane, however, stay away from foods which have high vitamin A amounts like fortified foods, fish oil, and fish.

Additionally, limit your intake of butternut squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, green and leafy vegetables, carrots, and cantaloupes, as these are high in beta carotene, which the body will convert into vitamin A.

3 Natural Skin Lightening Options

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Many men and women wish to have lighter skin tone because it makes them look a lot more confident and not to mention neat and clean. In Asia, there are even tons of skin lightening products for people to choose from because a lot of Asians wish to have fairer skin.

People can pick from soaps, lotions, creams, toners, as well as pills and injections to help them achieve the complexion they wish. The thing is, some whitening or lightening products pose some dangers on a person’s health which is why a lot of people are also considering using natural products.

To those who wish to look for natural skin lightening products, here are top three things that people may wish to consider:

  • The top favorite among complexion conscious people would be Lemon juice or lime juice. This is definitely that almost all people who wish to have fairer skin would want to try. Both juices contain bleaching or whitening agent that could not be seen in any other fruit or vegetable. Lemon or lime juice is acidic which is perfect for getting rid of the old skin cells. When used, it helps remove the unhealthy dead cells and replaces it with new ones which are a lot lighter. People who wish to have fairer skin may try to apply it on their bodies for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off and make sure to do it on a daily basis to ensure getting the best results.
  • Another thing that people do to make sure they get a lighter complexion or a much fairer complexion is by bathing in milk. People have probably seen this with the movie Cleopatra were in they use milk to bathe her. Milk has whitening properties and if people consider having a milk bath on a daily basis would definitely help them have a lighter complexion. Another good thing about bathing in milk is it helps soften and smoothen the skin thereby leaving it supple and soft like a baby’s skin.
  • Lastly, another tip for people to check out would be to use baking soda and mix it with hydrogen peroxide. These two when mixed could certainly help people have a lighter skin tone which is why this is used by many people who wish to save in terms of buying products that could help then have fairer complexion.

These are some of the all natural skin lightening remedies that people may consider in case they are tired of their dark skin tone. This is also a great way to even out the skin tone of those people who love going to the beach and love getting a tan.

These tips are definitely affordable but could also provide people the results that they need as long as people who try these things out would do it religiously.

Having whiter or fairer skin tone does not have to be expensive and to those who are a bit tight on their budget, these tips would surely help them get what they want.

What Cellulite Treatment Should You Go For?

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Because of the hectic schedule that you have, you have been deprived of the much-needed time for exercise. Plus, the stress that you have at work makes you vent out on various foods that make you gain the inches and the unwanted pounds.

And, now you suddenly become excited about the trip that you will have to the Bahamas. Gingerly, you look for your favorite swimsuit and try it on. Much to your horror, you cellulites that you ignored in the past have become really visible.

With your trip to the Bahamas happening in less than 3 months, you wonder if you still have time to deal with your cellulites. Do you really have enough time to do so before you parade yourself on the beach clad in your swimsuit? What cellulite treatment should you go for?

Cellulite Creams and Lotions

The consumers these days, without question, are more beauty-conscious than at any time in the past. Proof to this is the proliferation of various products that promise solutions to the beauty concerns.

Among these beauty products, it can’t be denied that cellulite creams and lotions are some of the really popular. However, it is important for you to understand that these cellulite creams and lotions don’t really fix the problem at it roots; they only make the cellulites less visible by encouraging the production of collagen.

When the amount of collagen is produced, the skin becomes firmer, thus, the cellulites become less noticeable. Some cellulite creams actually contain L-Carnitine, a substance that is known for burning fats.

However, it is not really clear whether the presence of L-Carnitine in these cellulite creams really help, considering their amount in the solution. Nonetheless, one cellulite cream ingredient that is really reliable is caffeine.

Caffeine is a vasodilator. This means that it dilates the blood vessels. When the blood vessels are dilated, blood flow is increased. Hence, it is a lot easier for the dissolved fats to be excreted out of the body.

It goes without saying, then, that for you to truly benefit from cellulite creams, you have to do some exercises so that the fats can be dissolved faster be easily flushed out of the body at a faster rate, too.

Consider Mesotherapy

However, if you have enough cash sitting around, and you are more than willing to let go your money just to have your cellulites properly dealt with, the cellulite treatment that you should go for is mesotherapy.

This non-invasive treatment is, in fact, used for people who are overweight. Hence, there is no questioning its efficacy in dealing with cellulites. This process involves the injecting of a combination of vitamins and minerals to the mesoderm, where the fat tissues are deposited.

The injected vitamins and minerals will dissolve the fat deposits that are unevenly distributed. After 2 months of treatment, you can kiss your cellulites goodbye.

You see, there is really no reason for you to panic. After all, you still have enough time to deal with your cellulites. You can rest assured that you can leave the other people in Bahamas in awe with your cellulite-free figure and skin.

What Are The Supplements For Acne?

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There are several topical creams and acne medications which are available today, a few of which may be acquired over the counter or through a prescription.

Aside from good hygiene and skin care, dietary modifications, and topical and oral treatments, individuals who are suffering from acne can also reap benefits from specific supplements.

Many of the supplements which are being utilized for the treatment of acne may be taken topically or orally and they have the capacity to reduce symptoms associated with the skin condition.

Keep in mind, however, that if you are suffering from any underlying medical condition, ask your physicians about taking vitamin supplements because these can interfere with specific drugs.


Zinc supplements can help in the treatment of acne. A lot of clinical trials have been conducted and they have subsequently discovered that zinc can reduce acne and it can also be effective in its treatment, when used as antibiotics, notes the University of Michigan Health System.

According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, taking at least 30mg of zinc two times daily for about 30 days, and then reducing the dosage to about 30mg once every day can do the trick.

Women who are using tetracycline contraceptives, should not take supplements with zinc as this can interact with the medication used for birth control, warns the University of Maryland.

Research from University of Michigan also revealed that taking these zinc supplements for a long time can cause a deficiency in copper so it must be coupled with 1-2 mg of copper every day.


Niacinamide gel topical applications can help in acne treatment, but taking the compound orally will not do much help. According to several medical studies, the application of a $5 concentration gel of niacinamide on the skin twice in a day for 60 days can improve the symptoms of acne significantly, notes University of Michigan Health System.

Vitamin A

Supplements containing huge amounts of vitamin A have similar properties to retinoid drugs, which are derivatives of vitamin A, this is why it can decrease inflammation and help in unclogging pores in order to help in acne treatment, notes University of Maryland Medical Center.

The advantage of vitamin A against retinoid medications is that it contains fewer adverse effects as huge doses of vitamin A are required to have the same effects in fighting off acne.

The drawback, however, is the fact that high vitamin A doses can be toxic and they must be consumed under the supervision of a health care provider, warns the University of Michigan. Individuals who have underlying conditions involving the liver or pregnant must not taken supplements of vitamin A.

Pantothenic Acid

According to a clinical trial made by University of Michigan Health System wherein individuals who are suffering from acne took 2.5 grams of pantothenic acid about 3-4 times a day and applied 20% pantothenic acid cream 4-6 times every day, there was a noted relief of acne symptoms between 2 to 6 months, largely depending on the extent and severity of acne.